Thalassa Speed Team!

velospeed and thalassa sponsor

Thalassa is now the proud sponsor of kit tops for local hardcore cycling group, Velospeed! We have two team members of Tavor Management, Mehmet and Korhan, who are also keen cycling enthusiasts, so what better way to get involved.

The Velospeed ethos is all about discovering the unique beauties of the island from a totally new perspective. Every Sunday, new tour, new destination but the same motivation!

To celebrate their new sponsorship, Velospeed members paid a visit to Thalassa as part of their cycling weekend tours, which are held every Sunday, where they enjoyed some relaxation time on their return from their 3 hour ride.

Around 30 members started and finished a 44.5 km cycle ride around the beautiful surrounds and local villages in the Bafra area. All looking very cool in their orange cycle tops, adorned with the Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa logo!

Thanks guys, we look forward to seeing you out on the rode and again at Thalassa!

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