Fancy A Visit?

thalassa virtual property tour

of a different kind?! Thalassa developer Kensington has just launched its @Thalassa360 Virtual Property Tours! Using the latest in innovative technology, you can now visit the resort when looking at buying!

Kensington is now able to present the resort in 360 form, along with walk-through tours of apartments, where you really feel as if you are there. Choose a property, visit each and every room, it’s views, giving you a great in-depth look at what your potential property is like.

Take a walk, see the views, experience the relaxed environment, and check out all the facilities on offer. For those looking at buying property in North Cyprus, this is a great way of meeting Thalassa up close and personal!

thalassa virtual property tour

It’s a great way to see Thalassa if you are looking to invest in North Cyprus property, and our beachfront residential resort is certainly one of the top developments to take a look at!

It’s easy, just register from the link below, and one of the Kensington team will be in touch to take you on a tour!

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