Thalassa Theo & His Adventures

thalassa theo

Hopefully you all follow us on our social media channels, and will have been introduced to the newest and youngest of our team over at Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa – Little Theo!

thalassa theo

As the story goes, Theo was born to the Maileg family in Denmark (a toy company!). Getting a little tired of living in a cold Scandinavian country and looking for somewhere warmer, Theo decided to travel to North Cyprus – and has chosen Thalassa as his favourite place to live!

So far we have seen Theo arrive at Thalassa, pick out his chosen apartment with our rentals team, being shown around the resort and he has wasted no time in checking out the beach on his personal mini quad bike and having a wonderful Hot Stone Massage at The Spa @Thalassa!

thalassa theo

Keep up with Theo on his Thalassa adventures, where he will be investigating what’s available for us all to do at the resort, on our social media pages at Facebook and Instagram – and for some amusing little out-takes keep up to date via our Stories on our pages too!

For more information on Theos birthplace check out the wonderful company and he will see you somewhere soon, reporting from the resort on a regular basis.

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