Sizzling September

North Cyprus can get very very hot in the summertime, but this particular September has seen one of the hottest on record! Temperatures have reached the highs of up to 48 degrees in peak hours!!

The government issued a decree for outside workers to be out of the sun for parts of the day, which of course meant that our gardening teams, in particular, were taken off outside duties and on to other tasks out of the direct heat.

Whilst Thalassa has been somewhat lucky this summer season, when tourism has been at a very low level, bookings are not as plentiful as we would obviously wish them to be. But, we are still able to draw guests when they undestand that Thalassa is a residential resort and not a hotel. With individual kitchens, complete with washing machines and white goods, where guests can actually have their own private space, this does make a difference.

As always, we continue to keep Thalassa looking at its best, where nature can live along with us in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, provding our guests with the perfect environment in which to relax and get away from the stresses that we are all facing right now.

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