New Amphitheatre & Fire Pit

thalassa facilities 2021

We welcome a new addition to our facilities this month, with the completion of the resorts amphitheatre and fire pit!

Set back from the beach and within walking distance of Deks Restaurant, this will be in full use this summer. With a plan to offer entertainment evenings and cinema nights, this is a perfect spot to relax at night time.

thalassa facilities 2021

Deks will also be involved in providing service to this area. And, with bedouin tents and seating area also planned, Thalassa will be one big chill out zone for everyone!

thalassa facilities 2021

Fancy staying with us at Thalassa? For those living in the TRNC, and if you are fully vaccinated, then no PCR test is required! For those who are still waiting for their vaccinations, a PCR test will be required for those booked to stay with us.


CALL US ON : 00 90 533 854 7004



thalassa facilities 2021

If you are travelling from abroad, please first visit the TRNC sites which will help you navigate the requirements in place at the current time!

InfoNorthCyprus – great for updates on category countries and procedures

Government civil aviation information – this refers to travel notifications

Home Quarantine Requirements – which includes payment and downloading of the Stay Safe app to phones.

Current restrictions within North Cyprus – further information on internal restrictions and curfews in North Cyprus

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