Our Teams!

It goes without saying that Thalassa Beach Resort simply cannot function without some hard-working and dedicated people, most of them being behind the scenes. Tavor Management, the company responsible for the maintenance and management of Thalassa Beach Resort is a very busy organisation of enthusiastic workers!

Our property owners can always be assured that our workforce are hard at work to keep the resort looking wonderfully presentable, from our garden maintenance team to the facilities management, site maintenance to our owner services, rentals and cleaning teams.

thalassa beach resort maintenance

Thalassa has been busy with guests these last few weeks, and many have commented on what a wonderfully clean, tidy and relaxing environment it is. From the clean beach to the poolside tidyness through to the cleanliness of the apartments that we rent on behalf of the owners, everyone has been very complimentary.

thalassa beach resort maintenance

They work very hard to make sure that Thalassa is a great place to visit for holidaymakers and owners alike, and in the summer heat, it is a tough job too, not that they seem to mind at all!

thalassa beach resort maintenance

A big thank you to them, we are very lucky to have such a great bunch of people looking after Thalassa Beach Resort!

If you are a property owner at Thalassa Beach Resort and would like to find out more about the personal services that the Tavor Management team offer, please visit our website – or call us on +90 533 868 9255. Our General Manager, Nicole Braun will be happy to help you!

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