Tavor Management

Perhaps they don’t get enough recognition or mentions, but there is a lot of effort, time and manpower that goes into keeping Thalassa Beach Resort looking tip and top and ship shape all year round!

tavor management

Tavor Management is the management company responsible for the maintenance, management and operations at Thalassa. Their teams are always busy making sure that the resort is well maintained, managed and operates as it should all year round.

They also recently made a film about their duties and all of the services that they offer for guests and owners, which include things such as taxi transfers, car hire, maintenance, utility bill payments etc.

Gardening teams makes sure that the flowers bloom, fruit trees ripen and the lawns are looking lush. Cleaning teams ensure that apartments are super clean and shiny for guests and owners and the maintenance teams are on hand to fix things should anything go wrong. The Facilities Manager is on hand to respond to any issues on site or problems with communal amenities.

tavor management

Tavor Management also runs a very successful Rental Program, which allows owners to leave the advertising, booking and organising of all their rental bookings, to Tavor Management.

Included in their remit is finance of course, which encompasses every aspect of the business, from rental income, to property maintenance, owner and supplier accounts.

There is a lot that goes into running Thalassa and there are always unsung heroes hiding in the background!

If you are in need of their services at Thalassa then please check their website for team members and their contact details – About Tavor Management

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