Marking the end of Ramazan!

seker bayram thalassa

For the Muslim population the world over, the month of fasting for Ramazan (or Ramadan) came to an end and the Şeker Bayram (Sugar Feast) celebrations began.

If you are not familiar, Ramazan is the Arabic name for the ninth month in the Islamic calendar and it is considered one of the holiest Islamic months.

Muslims believe that some of the first verses of the Islamic holy book, the Qu’ran, were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. Extra emphasis is also placed on reciting the Qu’ran at this time.

Fasting is considered to be an act of worship, which enables Muslims to feel closer to God and strengthen their spiritual health and self-discipline.

At the end of the fasting month, it is then time to celebrate with family and friends and give thanks. In North Cyprus it is usually a public holiday of 3-4 days, meaning time off work to enjoy! You may also know this holiday as Eid.

Thalassa came to life with many people opting to take some time out at the beach, chill by the pool or just socialise and have some fun. Guests are required to present a negative PCR test, such is the way of life right now, but guests were more than happy and pleased that the management team were taking these kinds of procedures for the safety of everyone.

Velospeed, the cycling club, who are proudly sponsored by Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa made things extra special by visiting en masse, entertaining people with their beach volleyball antics.

seker bayram thalassa

We were very happy to have Thalassa host so many people and we look forward to the next big Bayram holiday in July!

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