Thalassa and Recycling

recycling at thalassa

The team are constantly thinking of ways to ensure that the resort is a friendly place for the environment and has already participated in beach clean-ups with the local council who have been kind enough to lend a hand and provide the necessary vehicles.

Another idea we are now able to introduce is a recycling programme. Whilst it is initially for plastics and tins, we hope to be able to introduce glass in the future.

Explanatory posters are available around the resort, explaining the process with coloured bags availabe for the various different types of waste which can be used for recycling. It is surprising how many different types of plastic there are and which ones notify you that it can be recycled! Tins also come in different forms too, so everything is explained clearly.

recycling at thalassa

There are drop off points in our rubbish rooms in each of the residential buildings at the resort, so very easy to bag up your recycling items and drop them off.

We hope everyone will join in with the efforts that the management team are making to help us be a better model for our environment that we all share. Happy recycling everyone!

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