Easter at Thalassa!

It’s now time for most of us to celebrate an Easter weekend, traditionally a time to celebrate the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Summer Vibes

As part of our run up to summer, and with the hope that there will indeed be a holiday season for everyone this year, we are really pleased to be able to share something that makes us feel good!

Thalassa Spa

Spa goes Tri-lingual

We are pleased to announce that our Thalassa Spa treatment brochures have now been produced in an additional two languages, Turkish and Russian.


Summer Promotion!

Thalassa is getting into the spirit of summer holidays, despite ongoing travel restrictions, which we all hope will be a thing of the past in the coming months.


Thalassa Stars!

Thalassa Beach Resort & Spa has recently been used as the backdrop for a music video by singer Jamilya Jamba for her song Habibi, featuring singer Sattar and rapper Dr Sticky. How cool is that!


Signs of Spring!

Things are all growing and taking on new life at this time of year in North Cyprus and our Organic Garden over at Thalassa is an all human effort to bring even more life to the resort!


North Cyprus Covid-19

You may already be aware that North Cyprus is currently seeing a rise in cases of Covid-19 and that the government, as of the night of 4th February, have decided to put in place restrictions across the country, to safeguard against a wider spread of the virus.


Thalassa and Recycling

The team are constantly thinking of ways to ensure that the resort is a friendly place for the environment and has already participated in beach clean-ups with the local council who have been kind enough to lend a hand and provide the necessary vehicles.