Easter Continued!

orthodox easter thalaassa

A lovely aspect to having a multicultural community in North Cyprus, is that some celebrations happen twice! We recently held an Easter event for our community that uses the Western/Christian calendar and last weekend saw one for the Orthodox Christian faith, which uses the Julian calendar. orthodox easter at thalassa

orthodox easter at thalaassa

A kids Easter party was held at Deks, organised by manager Denise with the help of resident Yulia Larsen. 37 children were treated to a very entertaining and fun filled event. Resident Olga Weksler also sponsored presents for the children!

For the event a children’s entertainer was on hand who also kindly sponsored the children’s gifts and jumping castle. Thanks Sasha!

orthodox easter at thalaassa

As part of the Easter event, and also a tradition, money was also collected, headed up by Yulia and Denise, to raise funds for food parcels. Food parcels were also sponsored by Deks @Thalassa, the Lions Society and Thalassa residents, all in cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church in North Cyprus.

orthodox easter at thalaassa

We done everyone!

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