Signs of Spring!

organic garden thalassa

Things are all growing and taking on new life at this time of year in North Cyprus and our Organic Garden over at Thalassa is an all human effort to bring even more life to the resort!

Our teams on site have been busy tilling the land and planting seedlings, which are now beginning to florish.  It is a true labour of love being able to grow your own vegetables so it is something that our property owners can also get involved in when they are on site – along with our gardeners help. 

organic garden thalassa

Our own fresh produce is something we will introduce into the restaurant in the future as well, so everyone can enjoy!  In the meantime, the mini market is being stocked up with fresh ingredients due to travel restrictions for most of us right now, so owners do not have to leave the resort for shopping should they wish not to.

organic garden thalassa

Some of the goodies that have been planted include Onions, Garlic, Lettuce and cabbage of various varities and herbs including Parsley and Coriander.  We have also planted cucumbers and broccoli too!  More planting will be done when the time is right for the various herbs and vegetables and we hope to be able to have enough for everyone to make use of.

Well done gardening team, the organic garden is looking great!

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