The Future Looks Bright!

travel to north cyprus

Some great news and things look extremely positive for those wishing to visit us here in North Cyprus! Yesterday the government announced their plan for those looking to travel into North Cyprus ports, whether by air, land or sea.

It is worth noting that if travelling into south ports, travellers would need to also be aware of the travel requirements to enter the Republic of Cyprus, before crossing borders to the north.

The TRNC has given clear information on what is required, offering those who have received both vaccinations (a list of accepted vaxcinnes has also been published) less restrictions where possible.

north cyprus travel june 2021

A comprehensive list of countries, labelled Green, Yellow, Amber, Red and Dark Red, has also been published. Those who have not been vaccinated versus those who have, do make things a little tougher, but makes for easier understanding for everyone.

north cyprus travel june 2021

As with all things, it is a changeable situation, with category countries being assessed every week, so if you are planning to travel to North Cyprus, keep checking for regular updates.

We do hope that this is the start of good things which will only get better for us all. As always, we really look forward to welcoming you, hopefully in the very near future!

Please use these websites for information and updates at all times.

InfoNorthCyprus – great for updates on category countries and procedures

Government civil aviation information – this refers to travel notifications

Home Quarantine Requirements – which includes payment and downloading of the Stay Safe app to phones.

Current restrictions within North Cyprus – further information on internal restrictions and curfews in North Cyprus

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