Diversity is Family

One thing which we never really think about but is essential to an international tourism and property company like ours is how diverse our staff are in their nationalities and languages.

After a little researching we find that with all our teams, which include all personnel from Tavor Management, the sales teams and head office staff, we have over 8 nationalities speaking over 18 languages!

Those languages include :
– English
– Turkish
– Russian
– Igbo
– Yoruba
– Urdu
– Dutch
– French
– Greek
– Farsi
– German
– Arabic,

just to name a few!

We are very proud to have so much diversity all around our operations and companies and are advocates of multicultural employment and it is something that can also only serve to benefit our property owners and guests too!

Not many other TEAMs can boast this number of languages! A fantastic asset for all our homeowners and guests!

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